197 days until the @SurreyCouncil County Council elections

Word on the street is that there might be an independent candidate standing in Haslemere for The Parking Party in the county council elections next year in May 2013. Not confirmed until the nominations take place.

Have you ever thought about becoming a county councillor?

The current booklet states on page 5:

It is a considerable role to take on but the work is sufficiently rewarding that the great majority of councillors seek re-election, some of them serving for two terms or more.

The Surrey County Council web page provides information on how to become a councillor:

Surrey County Council will be updating the prospective candidate booklet soon.

In terms of the dates for nominations, the District and Borough Councils run the elections on behalf of the county.   They will publish the notice of election at the end of March (expected to be 26 March 2013) and nominations will be accepted between then and lunchtime on 5 April 2013.   Again, more information on this will be updated on Surrey County Council’s website in the new year.

The local Conservative office has not yet made a statement about their selected candidate for May 2013.

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One Response to 197 days until the @SurreyCouncil County Council elections

  1. AW1957 says:

    My wife and I are so disillusioned that people voted in to represent residents have let us down so very badly.

    If there really is going to be a Parking Party candidate in Haslemere , they will be getting our votes.

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